Sunday, July 10, 2016

Client Management Software - Full Version for Free

Our LIC has released the completely redesigned full version of popular CLIENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (Windows Version) for free. The full version of Client Management Software will be an excellent tool to manage all your clients in a single place.
Two important facilities provided in this software includes ability to create a Due List for any month and Late Fee and Revival Amount calculation for all the included policies in a single process.

Client Management Software is developed keeping in mind the needs of Insurance Advisers and Development Officers, but it can be a handy tool for any marketing official as well.

Main Features of Client Management Software

Client Management Software provides following facilities in a user friendly manner.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Revival Campaign from LIC - Concessions and Relaxations

Revival Campaign from LIC
LIC has announced Revival Campaign for lapsed policies in order to reduce lapsation and renew the relationship with policy holders. Campaign period will be for a period of three months, starting from 15th June 2016 to 15th September 2016.

Several benefits are offered for policies revived during campaign period.

  1. Concession in late fee
  2. Concession in submitting the health requirements (Medical reports)
  3. Revival of policies lapsed for more than Five years.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Best Android LIC Agent Software for Smart Phones - Review

Best Android LIC Agent Software Review
Of-late, Information Technology has revolutionized the work style of LIC Agents. Android based Smart Phones and Tabs are now available to all at a reasonable cost. Many companies jumped into android software market and so many apps claiming about new features are available in Google Play store and other android markets.
Some of these soft wares are free but some are available for a price and a subscription fee. OUR LIC has done a thorough review on almost all of them available in the market to find out the best app out of it. we also wanted to know weather the price of paid soft wares are justified by features available in them.

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