Best Android LIC Agent Software for Smart Phones – Review

Many LIC agent software are available in the market as android based Smart Phones and Tabs are accessible to all at a reasonable cost. Let us have a review of Android LIC agent software available in the market.

Many companies jumped into android software market and so many apps claiming about new features are available in Google Play store and other android markets.
Some of these soft wares are free but some are available for a price and a subscription fee. OUR LIC has done a thorough review on almost all of them available in the market to find out the best app out of it. we also wanted to know weather the price of paid soft wares are justified by features available in them.

1. Super Agent -Android LIC Agent Software
Google Play Store Rating: 4.6   Our LIC Rating: 9.5/10   Free/Paid: Paid with one month free trial
Best LIC Agent software Android Review

Super Agent is an excellent android software which is feature rich, powerful and user friendly as well. This software has a good interface which is elegant to view also.

The first screen provides a clean design with two sections. The first section contains Plan presentations  and  the second section contain several sections which includes

1. Insurance Concept selling 
2. LIC plan Brochures  
3. Personalised Greetings 
4. Objection Handling 
5. Marketing brochures 
6. Customer Service posters
7. Two minute videos
8. Sales tips
and more.
Each of them is visually appealing and can be fully customised to include customer name etc. Sharing options are also available in plenty.

Plan Presentations
This is the most important section for an Insurance Adviser and hence let us have a detailed look of this section. Plan presentations of all the plans of LIC is provided here.
Best LIC Agent Software Review
You can select form four options in the purpose of plan like Retirement planning, Child’s future, financial protection etc.Each plan presentation provides two options
1. Calculate premium
2. Create presentation
If you go for calculate premium you will be provided with a beautiful screen with the summary of the plan which can be shared by email or Whats App. Only disadvantage is that you cannot send it as ordinary text messages.
If you go for the second option you will get a full fledged presentation with all the required details to win your customer.
Click here to view a sample presentation created for New Jeevan Anand using Super Agent.
Other Options Available

Two minute videos provided by this software is also excellent. Posters, brochures and greeting provided with this software is fully customizable and will be handy to impress your customers.

Cost of the Software:
The software is paid software with an option to One Month free trial. Cost of the software is Rs 1000 per year.
Final Word

Overall the software provides a complete software feel but there are many features which has to be incorporated into the software like plan combinations, Client management,  Policy update, Gyan section etc. The cost of the software can be fully justified only if the additional sections are also incorporated into it.

Click Here to download Super Agent

2. LIC Leader – Android LIC Agent Software

Google Play Store Rating: 4.5   Our LIC Rating: 9.1/10   Free/Paid: Free (with Ads)

Best LIC Agent Software Review

Best LIC Agent Software Review
LIC leader is new comer to the android market with extremely powerful features. The interface of LIC Leader is also attractive and provides a fresh look
The main Advantage of this software is the plan mixing and combination option available with it.
On clicking the premium calculator option you can reach the plan section where you can enter the details for plan quotation. Two types of results can be obtained from here.

1. Normal Premium and maturity value calculator.

The calculated details can be shared as SMS or other apps without any problem

2. Detailed quotation

A little more detailed version of premium calculator with normal and accident coverage, Returns, Surrender value and Loan value can be obtained here. Which also will be handy for an advisor.

Plan Mixing

Plan mixing option provided in this software is a useful feature. You can add any number of plans together for any customer and obtain a single presentation for it. The created presentation can be a simple premium calculation or a detailed presentation at your will.

Plan Combination
Plan combination is also an excellent option for agents.
Four combinations are provided in this software.
1. Child Career -133
2. Happy Retirement – 814
3. Happy Retirement – 815
4. Happy Retirement – 833
 Final Word
Over all, LIC leader which is being free android software, have some powerful features useful to all but with some draw backs as well.
When we go for combinations and plan mixing there is no way to understand the individual plans and the premium or the terms of it. If an agents copy page also was provided along with the presentation this could have solved.
Click here to Downlaod LIC Leader
3. LIC Calculator All in One – Android LIC Agent Software
Google Play Store Rating: 4.5   Our LIC Rating: 8.9/10   Free/Paid: Free (with Ads)

LIC Android Agent software for Smart PhonesBest LIC Agent Software ReviewLIC calculator all in one is a no frills free software which can do premium calculation, Maturity value calculations, some policy servicing calculations etc. The Software is user friendly and have a good interface.
Plans are given in the first screen itself and hence getting a plan quotation can be done very fast.
Other facilities offered in the software includes,
1. Plan Comparison
2. Late Fee Calculator
3. Revival Calculator
4. HLV Calculator
5 Plan Advisor etc.
One more exactly similar software in the name LIC all in one Calculator is available in the Google play store. As of now both these softwares are exactly similar and hence we can use any one of them.
Plan quotation can be shared as SMS or through apps.

Click here to Download LIC All In One Calculator

4. Perfect Agent Plus – Android LIC Agent Software

Google Play Store Rating: 4.5   Our LIC Rating: 8.8/10   Free/Paid: PAID

Perfect Agent plus is a great software with large number of features inbuilt to it. This software is a great for policy servicing if fully developed. Poor support is the biggest problem of this software. Many of the features provided in the software were not working properly when I tested.


Main Features Provided in the software.

* Single Plan Presentation
* Self Mix Presentation
* Family Mix Plan Presentation
* Premium wise Plan Presentation
* Sum Assured wise Plan Presentation
* Maturity Wise Plan Presentation
* Save Presentation in PDF
* Agent Portal Services
* D.O. Portal Services
* CLIA Portal Services
* Offline Premium Calculator
* Online Policy Update
* Online and Offline FUP Update

Final Word

The features offered in the plan is great compared to other softwares but many features require fine tuning and bug fixing before naming it as an excellent software.

 Click here to download Perfect Agent Plus
5. MM PC for Android – Android LIC Agent Software

Not Available in Google Play Store.  Our LIC Rating: 8.1/10   Free/Paid: PAID

MM PC by Datacomp Web technologies is one of the pioneers in the insurance software market. It was datacomp which made the first software for PC and mobile platforms. But sad thing is that they are not trying to improve the software as time passes.
Being a paid software which requires a subscription fee also every year the features offered is under par compared to the competitors.
For example even after so many years of introduction of New Jeevan Anand plan they are still unable to include Life Long coverage in the report.
This software is available only through Magic App store which has to be downloaded from Datacomp Web site.

Other Android Apps that were also reviewed
Free Version not usable. Paid version costly.
Useful software but with some bugs.

8. LIC premium calculator Free
Very basic App but usable for premium and maturity value calculation.

9. LIC Mobile by LIC of India
Not worth installing as it is very basic.

10. LIC Premium Calculator
Simple and usable for just premium and maturity calculations only

Review of the software is provided as it is available at the time of the review. Software can change with new updates.I will try to update the review if there is significant change later.
Please feel free to write your opinions if any on the comment section. Please inform me if there is a software which I missed and is worth reviewing also.

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